Video game music is life to me and the rest of MCVGMR.
But I'm not one to shove all 316 tracks in people's face so we went through our account and made a Sampler Playlist.

This playlist carries 15 tracks with spread amongst our styles and games.  We normally keep NES- SNES, though we once in a while jump to other platforms such as we did Zillion for SMS as well as an occasional N64 game.  

Currently, our project in the works is Journey to Sillius for NES.  It's a sunsoft game so we are having fun learning and rewriting the songs.

That being said, we still are open to requests!  Understand that newer games are not in our scope right now.  Try to keep NES - SNES if you can.  Depending on the game and song, It may take a while or none at all it's all up in the air when it comes to our music.