Crawl and 1OOO wrote:
I've been using a Windows 8.1 computer.  I think complaints about it are rather overblown.  One complaint is that it doesn't have a desktop mode, but it does.  Another is that it doesn't have the Start button.  Clicking Start goes back to the weird Windows Phone view.  Yeah, but click the "Home" icon in desktop mode, and it brings up what is essentially the old start menu bar.  So it basically works like any version of Windows you've ever used.

One thing that does seem to be a glitch is that I sometimes get an error when I play Defense Grid, telling me the computer is out of memory.  It has something like 6GB of RAM, and might say this when 4GB are in use -- but still plenty is free.  Some people have said this is an error due to only so much memory being allocated for 32 bit programs, but Windows 8 puts some 64 bit programs into that memory before it should.  

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but the reason it seemed like that computer had a normal Start button is because Lenovo packaged it with a 3rd party program that reproduced the Start functionality (and I hadn't realized it wasn't stock).  Eventually, though, it was considered a security risk and disabled.  

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