Beat a few more missions in Luigi's Mansion. The last one had a pretty tough part fighting a trio of ghost sisters. Part of the issue was that I didn't realize I could do a dodge move while vacuuming ghosts. Otherwise the other two ghosts just destroy you while you try to capture the third one. I got two game overs on that part and it wasn't even an actual boss. Once I started dodging it wasn't that bad and you get a health refill after capturing the first ghost, and you're no longer so outnumbered so the rest of it is a lot easier.

It's an excellent game, the exploration is a blast and having multiple mansions really keeps it feeling fresh. I wish I had more time for it.

I haven't mentioned this but I put Etrian Oddysey on hold, I was having trouble getting into everything other than the mapping aspect. The random battles were getting tedious and it was so easy to screw yourself over and lose a lot of progress. I might work on it again when I can either put more time into it, or else use the more casual mode.