If you're doing something controversial, you have to accept that you'll inevitably take some flak for it, and it's not always going to just be from random people. Eventually you're going to write something that will make us say, "Yeah, I love that series, but that sketch...eh, didn't like that one", and you're just going to have to get over it and move on.

"Passive" is the word I think best describes what you're looking for there.

GH64 had an avatar, but it was too squished down with the ezboard size limit to tell what it was.

I don't have a problem with the replacement scene, but I do have a problem with it being where it is. It drags down the pacing and the tone too much. One good thing about it is that it shows Image's strength of character. But one minute they're talking about finding old avatars, the next they're talking about Honen and Nucleo's past. The two have nothing to do with each other. It's jarring and incongruent. It seems like the old avatars thing is now just dangling there without a punchline.

I have an idea that might resolve this situation. Let's remove the "deleted" scene (maybe place it somewhere else if you really want to keep it), and go back to the Thawhidol thing. Only now have the dialogue go something like this (I can't remember the original dialogue now, so I'll do my best to pull it from memory):

Im: Nucleo, what's this one?

Nuc: Im, don't touch that one! That's...

Im: Oh, gross! What is this?

Nuc: ..Thawhidol's avatar.

Im: Argh, it's a disgusting BRAIN!

Thawhidol: I've a got a cable modem! Your admin clicking won't stop me!

Nuc: I see it still has some of his personality, too. Sorry fella, this is 2007. We have a DSL connection now. We're more than a match for your cable modem...

And then the rest continues from there exactly as it did before. This way, it's not actually Thawhidol we're attacking, but rather his stupid avatar and a specific trait of his personality. It even makes more sense logically to the story because Thawhidol himself wouldn't be on your computer, only his avatar is.

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