Flying Omelette wrote:
I'm not saying it was right for them to be hacked and better security measures aren't needed, but why were so many celebrities uploadingĀ naked pictures of themselves?? Is this just a thing they do?? Is this considered "normal" by celebrity society?? Do they not know anything about the internet?? It's like waving raw steak in front of a lion.

Even without hackers being involved (well, there's the NSA, too, but let's suppose even that wasn't a threat), I'm sure someone who runs the cloud system they utilized has access to it. It would be like making a private image folder on Yuku and uploading naked pictures of yourself to it. Even though you made it private and didn't share it with anyone, I guarantee that Yuku staff can still access it.
Every single person who ever referred to that as "The Fappening" needs to be drug out into the street and shot.

Yes, I resurrected my account just to say that, because it needed to be fucking said!!