Well, I learned something new today.  It's not only wooden harmonica combs that can warp.


I had just left those in my car after this project, which apparently was not a good thing to do.  I've heard, in connection with things like child safety, that cars can get to 120F inside, but the softening point of ABS should be more like 190F.  But since they're black, maybe they absorbed more sunlight and were hotter than the surrounding air?  They also weren't sandwiched inside of a harmonica, which might have helped keep them straight.

On the one hand, this wasn't the biggest lost, since I obviously haven't been using these combs lately.  On the other hand, I don't like to waste anything, and I may have had some sentimentality for the bottom one, since that's what I used to make the template for my own harmonica. 

For my own harmonica, I try to take care of it, keep it in a case, and would never purposefully leave it in a car.