To elaborate a little on my hatred of the way Google wants to run the internet:

Basically, they've created a new kind of irritating internet persona: The Pagerank Leech.

I don't mind legitimate advertisers asking to advertise on my site. But Pagerank Leeches are fucking annoying. They usually follow a pattern of sending me an email praising my site and claiming they want to help support it by buying advertising space, and then their followup email complains that I have no pagerank and they offer a ridiculously (insultingly) low price like $5.

#1. The only reason I'd have "pagerank" is because Google gives it to me. They can take it away for whatever reason they want, and it's usually because they either decide your site's not as important anymore (as Google apparently decided when the NES scene died, even though I have way more than just NES stuff) and if you sell advertising space to anyone other than Google Adsense.

#2. Pagerank doesn't work the way these leeches think it does. If I have a page of PR 8 and link to a PR1, it's not going to make theirs go up, it will make mine go down.

And that whole Pagerank think encourages people to link only to elitist websites determined by Google, like Wikipedia and blogs, instead of fansites.